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Bullet Time AR: Early Access is available on Google Play Store

Initial Android release to be followed by iOS Test Flight.

December 22, 2019

Chicago, IL — Coal Interactive has released Bullet Time AR to Early Access on the Google Play Store. This initial release seeks to gather feedback from players on the core gameplay mechanics. This will serve as a foundation upon which to iterate and push the limits of gaming on mobile AR. Download it on the Google Play store today and help drive the direction of this novel slow motion shooter.

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Slow-motion Gunplay in the Real World

Veteran game devs bringing visceral action to mobile Augmented Reality.

August 4, 2019

Beijing, China — Coal Interactive announces Bullet Time AR, which brings the visceral satisfaction of slow-motion gunplay and brawler game mechanics to the accessibility of your Android or Apple phone. Shoot and dodge bullets. Throw and catch guns. Throw punches and block them. All while being hunted by an onslaught of enemies navigating in the real world with augmented reality. Taps and gesture inputs are intuitive and native to the platform. Lovingly crafted and brought to you by a small team of AAA game developers gone indie. This isn't just another casual mobile game…

Currently under development, Bullet Time AR will be available on Early Access by the end of August on the Google Play store. Beta testing on Test Flight for iOS will follow soon after. A final release date is yet to be determined. Bullet Time AR will be free-to-play and supported by opt-in advertisements and In-App-Purchases.

Coal Interactive leverages triple A game design sensibilities and production values into games on emerging AR/VR platforms. Coal Interactive’s company name, paired with a diamond logo conveys this process where vast experience and effort is compressed into small things of immense value. The team’s credits include Friday the 13th, Star Citizen, Lost Planet 3, Abzû, League of Legends, God of War Ascension, The Unfinished Swan, and Tony Hawk Pro Skater. Our AR/VR credits include Follow Me Dragon, Jurassic World: VR Expedition, Fresh Out, The Martian VR Experience and more. They are based in Beijing, Los Angeles, and around the world.

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